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  • Annabelle Bellantoni

    I got paid by AyuWage for something I enjoy doing, surfing the internet. Thank you for the great experience, I expect to be using AyuWage for awhile.

  • Selena Gracie

    Got my Payment via Paypal from AyuWage fast and easy. AyuWage provides great, easy and fast service to it's members.

  • Carlene Piro

    Seeing how AyuWage paid a bit more than other, I was a bit skeptical on if I would really would get paid. But after seeing the low payout, I gave AyuWage a try and got paid 24 hours my payment request!

  • Mathew Masser

    I surf AyuWage when I have time and browse the site AyuWage offers. AyuWage is great for making a little extra money from spending very little time and effort.


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